Ibstock Place School

Welcome to Ibstock Place School

Arrangements for visitors to Senior School Open Morning on Saturday 23 September, 9.00am-12noon.

We look forward to welcoming pre-booked prospective parents and children attending the forthcoming Senior School Open Evening on Saturday 23 September.

If you have not yet booked for one of this event but wish to attend, please follow Request to attend an Open Day and kindly complete and submit the online form.


School has a Bicycle Park which visitors arriving by cycle are welcome to use.

Where arriving by car, we recommend parking in the Richmond Park car park which is adjacent to Roehampton Gate. Alternatively, you may prefer to park in nearby Bank Lane or environs. Please make your way on foot to the single point of entry for visitors, the Theatre Gate on Danebury Avenue. The gate will open from 9.00am on Saturday.

Please note that there will be no pedestrian entry through the front of the school on Clarence Lane, and no parking anywhere on site.

The Headmistress’ introductory meetings

The Headmistress will give two introductory talks in the Theatre. On Saturday’s Open Morning the first talk commences at 9.30am and the second at 10.30am.

For the talks, seat tickets and standing tickets (for the Theatre balcony) will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Please note that making an online booking to attend an Ibstock Place School Open event does not ipso facto reserve a seat or seats for one of the talks. You are therefore advised to arrive in good time for the respective talks to secure a seat. Please ensure that you collect the requisite number of tickets for your preferred talk on arrival. Visitors arriving after all tickets have been allocated for the first talk will be kindly requested to attend the second.

Refreshments will be available on the Terrace.


Maps will be available at the Open Evening, but to assist you to plan your visit in advance you may wish to consult this Campus map for Senior School Open Evening.

Pushchairs and Dogs

Due to Health and Safety reasons dogs are not allowed anywhere on the School grounds.

We regret we are also unable to accommodate children's pushchairs within School buildings due to the need for infection control. Visitors bringing pushchairs onto the campus will be requested to leave them outside the Theatre or other School buildings.

Arrangements for visitors to Sixth Form Open Evening on Tuesday 26 September, 5.00-8.00pm.

We look forward to welcoming pre-booked prospective visitors attending the forthcoming Sixth Form Open Evening on Tuesday 26 September.


School has a Bicycle Park which visitors arriving by cycle are welcome to use.

Where arriving by car, we recommend parking in nearby Bank Lane or environs. (Please note that Richmond Park closes at 6.45pm, making this an unsuitable place to park on this evening.) Please make your way on foot to the Theatre Gate on Danebury Avenue. The gate will open from 4.30pm on Wednesday and from 9.00am on Saturday.

Following the talk, parents will be able to consult Sixth Form subject teachers at stalls set up in the Theatre and the Studio Theatre.

Prep School Open Morning

We shall be hosting the next Prep School Open Morning at 9.30am on Wednesday 27 September. Please complete and submit the online booking form if you would like to attend.

Headmistress's Welcome

The Headmistress Welcome to Ibstock Place School and we do hope that this website provides you with a flavour of our distinctive and successful School. In saying that, nothing compares with a visit, so we do encourage you most warmly to arrange an appointment to visit the School during one of the Open Days and Events. Visits may be organised by completing the online form on our Request to attend an Open Day page, or by emailing or telephoning the Registrar. Please refer to the Admissions Guide for Entry in September 2018 for guidance on the separate processes of admission to the Prep School, the Senior School, and to the Sixth Form, including key dates.

Let me say that Ibstock Place School has a passionate belief in all pupils receiving a challenging and inspirational education: the enthusiastic and ambitious staff attach great importance to the development of pupils’ individuality and their having regard for tolerance, courtesy and respect. IPS pupils are able to find their strengths whether it is becoming the promising musician, the meticulous scholar, the outstanding sportsman or the talented artist. The School sees its responsibility as ensuring that the accomplishments of our pupils reflect their talents and interests and as they leave Ibstock Place School they do so as creative, resilient and empathetic adults.

We look forward to meeting you in the future.

Anna Sylvester-Johnson

HMC welcomes IPS

We are delighted to announce the news that, following a four-day accreditation visit to the Senior School by a specialist team of three highly experienced head teachers, Mrs Anna Sylvester-Johnson, Headmistress has been formally ratified as a member of the Headmasters’ and Headmistress’ Conference (HMC). HMC is a professional Association of heads of the world’s leading independent schools and IPS will now be counted amongst its ranks and represented alongside the likes of Brighton College, Eton College, Harrow School, St Paul’s School and Wellington College. HMC members have consistently exemplified excellence in education and are founded on “a commitment to the benefits of an holistic educational experience; academic excellence coupled with a strong emphasis on pastoral care and exceptional co-curricular opportunities.”

We are confident that membership of HMC will bring many important benefits in the future. For example, we know that the organisation promotes and protects the independence of its schools; encourages and shares innovation; offers a forum for discussion of national and international educational issues; and strives to influence policy and public opinion with regard to the independent sector.

It is pleasing to be able to offer both current and prospective parents the quality assurance that our work has the rigorous professional endorsement of the HMC.