Ibstock Place School

Examination Results 2017

A Level and Pre-U

We are pleased to announce an outstanding set of GCE A Level and Pre-U results in 2017. Against a backdrop of national uncertainty relating to the impact of public examination reform, our pupils rose magnificently to the challenge. The proportion of entries graded at A* (20.5%) marked a new IPS record while 83.1% of entries were graded at A*-B, making these results our second-best ever. When measured by the average number of UCAS points per pupil, our Leavers of 2017 were the most successful in the history of the School, with the average pupil winning 161.7 points.

IPS is unusual in that the nearly all of our Upper Sixth pupils enter an Extended Project and here outcomes have been even more spectacular: 73% of these projects were graded at A* or A. Overall, a quarter of our candidates attained three A grades or better in their A Levels and, as a consequence of their success, they have now confirmed their places at an impressive range of universities including Oxford, Durham, the LSE, KCL, Edinburgh, Warwick and Bristol.

We are intensely proud of the efforts of our Upper Sixth and look forward to hearing of their ongoing success as they take up their places in higher education.


IPS pupils enjoyed a vintage year in terms of their public examination results in 2017. After the splendid success of our A Level candidates, we were thrilled to report that those pupils who took (I)GCSE examinations in the summer of 2017 gathered an outstanding collection of grades. Just as our A Level candidates broke the School record for the proportion of GCE papers graded at A*, so too did our GCSE candidates as 54% of all entries were awarded the highest grade. 82% of examinations were given either an A* or an A and no fewer than 14 pupils achieved nine A* grades or more.

We were delighted that our pupils’ endeavours were so handsomely rewarded and as we welcomed them into our Sixth Form they had good reason to feel enormously confident as they contemplated the next phase of their education.

Academic Achievement

Our School has a proud record of academic achievement and our pupils’ outcomes in public examinations are excellent.

Unsurprisingly, results of this calibre are reflected in our Sixth Form pupils’ destinations for Higher Education. Over the last four years over 70% of pupils have progressed to Russell Group universities including the likes of Oxford and Cambridge, Birmingham, Bristol, Durham, Exeter, Imperial College London, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, LSE, Queen Mary, London, Nottingham, Sussex, UCL and Warwick. Our examination results and the destinations of our Sixth Form are available to view via the following links:

A Level and Pre-U Results

A Level and Pre-U results in 2017
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(I)GCSE/GCSE Results

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Higher Education destinations

Leavers' Destinations 2013-2106, listed by institution as ranked in the Sunday Times University League Table (2016)

Leavers' Destinations 2017
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