Ibstock Place School

Welcome to the Prep School, Macleod House

We aim to develop in our Prep School pupils:

  • the determination, ambition and self reliance to pursue excellence in all they do;
  • an inquisitive, imaginative and enquiring mind;
  • courtesy and good manners;
  • the self confidence to think for themselves, to challenge ideas and to make well informed decisions;
  • consideration and tolerance for all people regardless of gender, race, religion or mental and physical ability;
  • self-discipline and leadership;
  • personal autonomy and responsibility;
  • truthfulness, trustworthiness and the desire to do right.

These aims underpin our philosophy of education, our teaching methodology and our pastoral curriculum.

We do this through providing:

  • independent and exploratory teaching through habits of mind;
  • a balanced curriculum;
  • devised activities which take account of different teaching styles;
  • regular and informed assessment by staff;
  • a supportive partnership with parents.

We endorse good manners and courteous behaviour at all times and we expect that our pupils will enjoy each other, be kind and will understand why the School guidelines must be respected.


The Prep School is housed in a new building that provides eleven spacious, well-equipped classrooms, a library, an art studio, and science laboratory. This building is landscaped with children in mind.

Additional educational facilities are shared between the Pre-Prep, the Prep School and the Senior School on the Clarence Lane campus and at the Lawrence House site a short walk away. These facilities comprise music rooms, a performance space, technology workshops, Sports Hall, sports fields and the swimming pool.