University Matters v3

UNIVERSITY MATTERS Ibstock Place School In a globalised age of mass participation in Higher Education, where one goes to university matters quite as much as whether one goes. The Higher Education applications programme at IPS provides our pupils with the very best support to help them apply successfully to the best universities in the world. Year-on-year, around 75% or more of our leavers progress to Russell Group universities, and our history of placing pupils in genuinely World Class institutions speaks for itself. In a typical year over a third of our applicants take up places at universities ranked in the Global Top 100. With a proud record in terms of Oxbridge success and ever-growing numbers of Old Ibstonians moving on to medical and veterinary schools, our programme is proven to work. Through the Spring Term of the Lower Sixth year, our pupils benefit from a weekly, hour-long Higher Education session. Alongside their tutor, they start to plot out their course. All of our pupils complete a Morrisby Higher Education Profile, while they also benefit from innumerable visits to School by speakers representing universities and colleges from all over the world. Those pupils considering institutions outside of the UK are given additional support, while our EAST programme (Early Applications Support Team) provides specialist advice to those planning applications to Oxford, Cambridge and the UK’s various medical schools. Intensive support continues into the Upper Sixth. Our tutors help our pupils to select the best range of institutions to which to apply, while there is also much assistance for those facing pre-interview tests or admissions interviews. Once university offers have been procured, we work closely with our pupils to ensure that they are able to meet their terms. Indeed, our support programme extends to A Level Results’ Day itself, when a specialist team of teacher-advisers is on hand to assist pupils as they navigate the final stages of the admissions process. Continued overleaf Nathan Miller, Trinity College, University of Cambridge A head start for Higher Education applicants at IPS