Aims and Ethos

We aim to develop in our Prep School pupils:

  • kindness, above all;
  • the determination, ambition and self-reliance to pursue excellence in all they do;
  • an inquisitive, imaginative and enquiring mind;
  • courtesy and good manners;
  • the self-confidence to think for themselves, to challenge ideas and to make well informed decisions;
  • consideration and tolerance for all people regardless of gender, race, religion or mental and physical ability;
  • self-discipline and leadership;
  • personal autonomy and responsibility;
  • truthfulness, trustworthiness and the desire to do right.

These aims underpin our philosophy of education, our teaching methodology and our pastoral curriculum.

Achieving our goals

We achieve these goals through:

  • independent and exploratory teaching through habits of mind, and a balanced curriculum;
  • devised activities which take account of different teaching styles;
  • regular and informed assessment by staff;
  • a supportive partnership with parents.

We endorse good manners, mutual respect and courteous behaviour at all times.



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