Ethos and Aims

Our aim is to create an outstanding place of learning, a place where our pupils find academic excellence and the joy which it inspires. We ensure that our pupils’ natural curiosity and empathy is ceaselessly nourished. In so doing, we set the conditions which enable them to excel, both during their time with us and throughout their adult lives.

We do this by concentrating on four Cs:

  • Our CURRICULUM is dynamic and forward-thinking. Through academic rigour and impactful teaching, it fosters intellectually agile, independent and imaginative thinkers, preparing our pupils for a lifetime of learning
  • Our CULTURE is warm and inclusive. It builds confidence and resilience. It encourages in our pupils an attitude of open-mindedness, compassion and active participation, without fear of failure. We listen to our pupils, and we help them to thrive
  • Our CONTEXT is beautiful and stimulating. Our natural and built environment takes full advantage of our proximity to Richmond Park. Through strong community links and a global outlook, we encourage our pupils to make a positive contribution to society and world
  • Our commitment to CO-EDUCATION is longstanding and profound. Girls and boys learn and develop best when they are educated together. We are pioneers in the field, always seeking new ways to unlock the power of this vision

In recognising the unique experiences which an IPS education can bring, we seek to extend opportunity to as many academically able young people as we can, irrespective of the financial obstacles which they may face.

Our Educational Objectives

Each of our four Cs is underpinned by a commitment to an all-encompassing range of educational objectives.

Our curriculum helps our pupils to:

  • Learn independently, and to build a deep knowledge and understanding of the world and its cultures
  • Communicate effectively, both in writing and speaking
  • Think critically and to analyse and evaluate complex issues forensically and dispassionately
  • Be creative, and to use imagination to the betterment of their lives and the lives of others
  • Use technology thoughtfully and efficiently
  • Take informed risks and cultivate an attitude of intellectual ambition
  • Make informed and intelligent decisions about their future

Our culture promotes in our pupils:

  • A tendency towards self-reflection and an ability to learn from mistakes without fearing failure
  • An ability to work with and to listen to others and to contribute positively to collective decision-making
  • A predisposition to energetic engagement and action which brings positive change
  • A resilient disposition which values both personal wellbeing and the wellbeing of others
  • A strong sense of social justice and a bias for kindness

Our context assists our pupils in their ability to:

  • Think laterally, and to make connections between different disciplines and fields of knowledge
  • Value and promote equality of opportunity
  • Cherish diversity and be open and appreciative of difference
  • Develop excellent skills of collaborative working
  • Be aware of privilege and the responsibilities which it brings

Our commitment to co-education allows our pupils to:

  • Benefit from the perspectives and experiences of young people who are different to them
  • Understand the issues and challenges faced by young people of different gender
  • Develop ways of working harmoniously and constructively with all young people
  • Prepare themselves well for life in a society which is not segregated by gender

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