Governors and Staff

The School Governing Body

Chairman K R B Jackson, MA FRSA
Members J Allen
Lt. Col. R G Cartwright, LVO
S F R O’Brien, FCA
His Honour F Mitchell
Mrs S Parsons
C Tanfield, MA MBA
P Walker
Headmistress Mrs A Sylvester-Johnson, BA
Clerk to the Governing Body and Bursar S White, BA


The School Executive

Mrs Anna Sylvester-Johnson, BA (Kent) Headmistress
Huw Daniel, BSc (London) Deputy Headmaster
Chris Wolsey, MA (Nottingham) MEd (Buckingham) Second Master
Stephen White, BA (Reading) Bursar

The Senior Management Team

J-D Price, BSc (Exeter) Senior Tutor
Chris Banfield, MSc (Open) MA (Leeds) Tutor for Admissions
Russell Collins, BSc Hons (Cape Town) Director of Academic Improvement, Deputy Head of VI and Head of PVI
Mrs Emily Richardson, BA (London) MEd (Hertfordshire) Compliance Officer

Heads of Faculty

Dr Anna Cairns, PhD (Oxon) English (Designate)
Jacques van Vuuren, Nat Dip Sports Mgmt (Nelson Mandela) Games and Physical
Mrs Aleid Farnum Ford, MA (Cantab) History of Art
Luc Martin, BA (East Anglia) PhD (Cantab) Humanities
Russell Collins, BSc Hons (Cape Town) Mathematics
Mrs Catherine McBride, BA (Dunelm) Modern Languages
Mrs Kate Doherty, MA (Cardiff) School of Art and Design
Miss Mary Goodhew, MEd (Open) School of Dance
Mrs Kelly Quick, BA (Roehampton) School of Drama and Dance
Charles Janz, MA (Oxon) PGDip School of Music
David Evans, BEng (Bristol) PhD (Cantab) Science

Senior School Responsibilities

Ross Greenwood, BA (Canterbury) MEd (St Mary’s) Housemaster: Brearley
Mrs Emily Richardson, BA (London) MEd (Hertfordshire) Housemaster: Findlay
Sam Robinson, BA (Sussex) MEd (Buckingham) Housemaster: Paget
Oli Williams, BA (Bristol) Housemaster: Montefiore
Paolo Canonica, MA (Cantab) MSc (LSE) AFBPsS Master in Charge of Learning
Kevin Darlington, MSc (LSE) Sutherland Tutor/EAST (Early Applications Tutor)
Bruno Kaczmarek, MA LEA (Lille) Visits Co-ordinator
Ross Greenwood, BA (Canterbury) MAEd (St Mary’s) Pupil Development/Outdoor Education
Huw Daniel, BSc (London) Graduate Training Programme
Emmanuel Diaz, Licence ès Lettres (Avignon) Graduate Training Programme
Chris Anderson, MA (Edinburgh) NQT Mentor
Dr Anna Cairns, PhD (Oxon) Gibbins Tutor
Mrs Wendy Malseed, MA (Reading) Learning Support (Access Arrangements) Co-ordinator
Mrs Christine Young, BEd (Lancaster) Dip SLD Cert TESOL SEND Co-ordinator
Dr Anna Cairns, PhD (Oxon) Gibbins Tutor
Gus Docx, MA (Oxon) Head of EPQ
Mrs Sophie Gillen, BA (Oxon) Assistant Head of PVI and Sixth Form

Senior School Academic Staff

Chris Anderson, MA (Edinburgh) English
Mrs Ciara Anniboletti, BA (Perugia)* Modern Languages
Miss Adene Bennett, BA (Stellenbosch)* Games and Physical
Mrs Alexandra Borthwick, BA (Oxon) MA (London) History of Art
Richard Brown, BSc (Southampton)* Games and Physical
Dr Anna Cairns, PhD (Oxon) English
Paolo Canonica, MA (Cantab) MSc (LSE) AFBPsS Psychology/Chemistry
Miss Simone Cheshire, BA (Liverpool John Moores) History
Miss Ailish Coghlan, BA (Sussex) English
Russell Collins, BSc Hons (Cape Town) Mathematics
Ms Carey Combe, BA (Roehampton) Classics and Ancient History
Miss Olivia Corbett, BA (Durham) History
Mark Costin, BSc Hons (Southampton)* Games and Physical Education
Huw Daniel, BSc (London) Chemistry
Kevin Darlington, MSc (LSE) Ethics
Mrs Elizabeth Davies, BEd (Cantab) Mathematics
Emmanuel Diaz, Licence ès Lettres (Avignon) Modern Languages
Gus Docx, MA (Oxon) Geography
Mrs Kate Doherty, MA (Cardiff) Art
Mrs Silvia Downey, BA (Lima) Modern Languages
David Evans, BEng (Bristol) PhD (Cantab) Mathematics/Physics
Miss Rebecca Ewen, BSc (Exeter) * Games and Physical
Mrs Aleid Farnum Ford, MA (Cantab) History of Art
Brad Forbes, MDiv (Fuller, Pasadena) Philosophy and Ethics/Religious Studies
Miss Lynne Francis, BA (Swansea) Modern Languages
Mrs Sophie Gillen, BA (Oxon)* Modern Languages
Miss Mary Goodhew, MEd (Open) Dance
Duncan Gould, BA (Southampton) English
Ross Greenwood, BA (Canterbury) MAEd (St Mary’s) Mathematics
Mrs Ilaria Harris, MA (Roehampton) Art
Mrs Saba Hassan, BSc (King’s) MSc (City) Mathematics
Mrs Lucy Hibbert, BA (Exeter) Mathematics
Simon Hudson, BA (Hull) Drama
Dr Helen Hurst, BA (Cantab) PhD (Imperial) Biology
Mrs Sophie Jacobi, BSc (Dunelm) Physics
Charles Janz, MA (Oxon) PGDip Music
Mrs Wendy Jennings, MA (London) Modern Languages
Bruno Kaczmarek, MA LEA (Lille) Modern Languages
Mrs Alexis Kelly Cookery
Greg Kerr, BSc (Leeds) Physics
Miss Anya Latham, BA (Dunelm) Geography
Ben Lawson, BA (UWIC)* Games and Physical
Stan Le Pocréau, Licence ès Lettres (Rennes) Modern Languages
Miss Abigail Levesque, BA (Sussex) Psychology/Mathematics
Miss Ali Lintin, MA (Edinburgh) English
Mike Loteryman, BA (London) DipArch* Design Technology/Art
Mrs Wendy Malseed, MA (Reading) English
Ms Sophie Manners, MPhil (Birmingham) Music
Luc Martin, PhD (Cantab) History
Mrs Catherine McBride, BA (Dunelm) Modern Languages
Mrs Gill McCafferty, MSc (Oxon) Chemistry
Rob McGrath, BSc (Swansea) Economics
Tom Meston, BSc (Edinburgh) Mathematics
Miss Josie Middleton-Smith, BSc (Birmingham)* Games and Physical
Ms Caroline Mills, MA (Open)* Classics and Ancient History
Ms Julie Newton, BSc Hons (Cape Town)* Computing/
Miss Jessica Palfrey, BA (Queensland) English
Philip Peel, BSc (Portsmouth) Mathematics
Mrs Nicky Porter, BSc (Brunel)* Games and Physical
J-D Price, BSc (Exeter)* Biology/Geography
Mrs Kelly Quick, BA (Roehampton)* Drama
Miss Charlotte Rhead, MBioch (Oxon) Biology
Mrs Emily Richardson, BA (London) MEd (Hertfordshire) Modern Languages
Mrs Pamela Roberts, BA (Pretoria)* Modern Languages
Mark Robinson, MEng (Cantab) Physics
Sam Robinson, BA (Sussex) MEd (Buckingham) Geography
Ben Sin, MEng (London) Mathematics
Martin Slade, PhD (London) Biology
Matthew Smith, MSc (Exeter) Mathematics
Mrs Virginie Smith-Canham, Licence (Jean Monnet)* Modern Languages
Xiaoming Sun, MBA (Ulster) Modern Languages
Miss Helen Taylor, BSc (Gloucester)* Biology/Chemistry
John Tomlinson, BA (Nottingham) Government and Politics/
Mrs Anushka Walsh, BSc (London) MA (London) Chemistry
Mrs Sharon Waszkiewicz, BA (Reading) English and Drama
Oli Williams, BA (Bristol) Modern Languages
Chris Wolsey, MA (Nottingham) MEd (Buckingham) Government and Politics
Miss Hannah Wood 1:1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lizzie Wright, MA (Cantab) Chemistry
* denotes also teaches in the Prep School

The Prep School Management Team

Miss Marion MacDonald, BA (UWE) Head of the Prep School
Martin Smith, BEd (Surrey) Deputy Head of the Prep School

Prep School Responsibilities

Mrs Eileen Ahwai Learning Support Link
Miss Sophie Bartholomew, BA (Oxford Brookes) Humanities
Miss Amy Broatch, BA (Nottingham Trent) Art and DT
Miss Liz Coley, BEd (Cantab) PSHE and Reasoning
Miss Julie Driver, BSc (Swansea) RS
Miss Mary Goodhew, MEd (Open) Curricular Dance
Miss Amy Kinross, BA (Warwick) Computing
Miss Jane May, BMus (Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama) Music
Ms Michelle Meeks, BEd (Maastricht) Mathematics
Mrs Juliette Morrison, MA (Sheffield) Computing
Martin Smith, BEd (Surrey) Science
Mrs Sally Walls, BA (London) French
Adam Ralph, BA (Buckinghamshire) MA (UWL) English

Academic Staff

Class Teachers
Mrs Lauren Albert, BA (Cape Town) Prep 1
Miss Sophie Bartholomew, BA (Oxford Brookes) Prep 5
Miss Liz Coley, BEd (Cantab) Prep 3
Miss Beth Dinsmore, BA PrimaryEd (Dunelm) Prep 2
Miss Julie Driver, BSc (Swansea) Prep 2 – 6
Clifford Edwards, BEd (Kwa-Zulu, Natal) Kindergarten to Prep 2, Prep 4
Miss Sophie Finney, MA (Manchester) Prep 1
Mrs Kate Foster, BA (Newcastle) Prep 2 (Maternity Leave)
Mrs Susan Holcolmbe, MA (London) Kindergarten – Prep 6
Miss Amy Kinross, BA (Warwick) Prep 4
Ms Michelle Meeks, BEd (Maastricht) Prep 4
Adam Ralph, BA (Buckinghamshire) MA (UWL) Prep 6
Mrs Lindsay Parker, BSc (Leeds) Prep 2
Mrs Julianne Stewart, LLB (Exeter) Prep 3
Stephen Townsend, LLB (Kingston) Prep 4
Miss Clarissa Trant, BA (Exeter) Prep 2
Mrs Alice Turner, BSc (London) Kindergarten
Classroom Assistants
Miss Susannah Brown
Miss Phoebe Campbell-Rees
Mrs Shelia Francis
Mrs Sue French
Mrs Samantha Leigh
Mrs Julie Papworth
Miss Amy Smith, BA (St Mary’s)
Michael Smith, BA (York)
Mrs Virginie Smith-Canham, Licence (Jean Monnet)
Mrs Catherine Veloso, BA (Westminster)
Mrs Yvette Villet

Visiting Teachers

Ms Karen Cadogan, Dip LCD, LISTD, RAD RTS Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Tap
Ms Makiko Fukuda, Dip RAD (PDTD) Musical Theatre
Ms Gloria Fuson, Dip IDA (Ravenna) Contemporary, Jazz
Ms Larna Martin, Cert Ed RAD (Dance Education) Acro
Ms Lisa Millard, Dip RBS (TCPD) AISTD (CSF) Ballet, Contemporary
Ms Kate Scott, Dip Rambert, NATD (Contemporary) Ballet, Contemporary, Neo-Classical
Miss Alison Hancock, LLAM
Learning Support
Mrs Sara Cowie, BA (Bristol)
Miss Alison Shafiee, BA (Kent) MA (Bath Spa)
Mrs Christine Young, BEd (Lancaster) Dip SpLD Cert TESOL
Luke Anthony, MPhil ALCM DipABRSM Guitar and Jazz Piano
Joel Bell, PhD PGDip PGCE PGCert Guitar
Mrs Luisa Brennan, BMus (London) LRAM Piano, Violin, Voice
Ms Clare Buckley, BA Voice
Adrian Crawford, GDLM Saxophone
Andrew Davies, MA, PGDip RAM Voice
Miss Charlotte Eksteen, GRSM ARCM DipRCM Cello
Mrs Jenny Hatfield, GRNMC Voice
Tom Lees, GRNCM ARCM Brass
Brian Lynch, BA ARCT Guitar
Kieran Parker, Dip RMSM Adv Cert (Moeller) Percussion
Jamie Rock, BA, MA, MMus Voice
Mrs Louisa Sparks, MMus RAM LRAM Flute
Ivo Stankov, LRAM PGDip RAM Violin and Viola
Ian Stuart, BA DipASRCM Clarinet, Saxophone and Recorder
Greg Tassell, BA Hons, PGDip Voice
James Underwood, BMus Violin


Mr Stephen White, BA (Reading) Bursar
Miss Catherine Voysey Registrar
Mrs Diana Russell Assistant to Headmistress
Mrs Anthea Marshall, AGSM SMT Secretary
Ms Jane Goss, BA (London College of Printing) School Secretary
Mrs Maya Sunda, BSc (Gdansk) School Secretary
Mrs Sue Watkins School Secretary
Miss Clare Griffiths, BA (Kingston) Prep School Secretary
Miss Abby Berridge, BA (Central School of Music and Drama) Performing Arts Assistant
Lt Col Stephen Barnwell, BMus (Royal Military School of Music) Examinations Officer
Mrs Carol Selimi, HNC AAT FCCA Management Accountant
Mrs Kathy Khan, AAT Bursar’s Assistant
Mr Rana Iftikhar, BSc (Greenwich School of Management) Finance Assistant
Mrs Amy Lumsden, BSc (Roehampton) Finance Assistant
Miss Angela Platt, BA MSc MCLIP MA (Roehampton) Librarian and Archivist
Christo Nel, B.Tech IT (Nelson Mandela University) Data Manager
Vimalarajah (Siva) Sivasuthan, BSc (London) Network Manager
David Leach Senior ICT Technician
Chrisanth George ICT Technician
Miss Chloe Hemming, BA (Bournemouth) Art Technician
Stephen Ballard Laboratory Technician
Mrs Xiujie Sun, BSc, MBA (Liaoning) Administrative Assistant/Laboratory Technician
Mr Greg Scott DT Technician
Andy Ward, BSc (Oxford Brookes) Theatre Technician
Miss Madeline Reid, BHSc (Queensland) School Nurse
Kevin Vacher Facilities Manager
School Keepers
Philip Baker Robert Harrison
Derek Benton Chris Lynam
Derek Brown Karl Maddock
Karl Byrne Joe O’Brien
James Coker Lufti Shebana
Perry Denn
Albert Harrison
Stuart Gower

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