Inspection Reports

Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report (2019)

A Regulatory Compliance Inspection of Ibstock Place School was carried out by the Independent Schools Inspectorate from 23-24 January 2019. The inspection found the School wholly compliant. The report may be read by clicking on the link below:

View ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report (2019)

Full ISI Inspection Report (2016)

A summary of the findings about our pupils from the Independent Schools Inspectorate report of 2016 (following the ISI’s most recent visit of November 2015) is displayed on this page. ISI scrutinised eight areas of School life and rated each one as excellent. This is a tremendous achievement and one of which all our girls and boys, teaching and support staff and Governors can be most proud. A copy of the full report is available via the link below:

View full ISI Report (2016)

Governance and leadership

“The effectiveness of governance, leadership and management is excellent at all levels. Governors ensure that the school meets its aims by providing effective oversight and investing strategically in staffing and facilities.”

A distinctive ethos

“The distinctive ethos of the school provides a foundation for pupils to grow and flourish so that they become confident, articulate, outward-looking individuals who appreciate their own worth and show a genuine sense of tolerance, courtesy and respect for others, regardless of background or personal circumstances.”

Academic achievement

“The quality of academic and other achievements is excellent, so fulfilling the school’s aims for the intellectual and personal development of pupils. Since the previous inspection [2010], the school has successfully raised its academic standards and senior pupils attain excellent results in public examinations, including GCSEs, the International GCSE (IGCSE), A levels and the Pre-U.”

Teaching the curriculum

“Heads of subjects and faculties provide strong academic leadership.”

“Throughout the school, pupils are offered a well-planned, flexible, wide-ranging curriculum designed to offer intellectual challenge and to promote a liberal and humane education.”

“Teaching is excellent throughout the school. Teachers’ subject knowledge is extensive and they use a wide range of techniques and resources to interest pupils.”

“Excellent teaching is based on high expectations.”

“In lessons all pupils… demonstrate a high level of knowledge, understanding and skills. Their attitudes to learning are exemplary and these contribute strongly to their academic success.”

“The school’s innovative ‘Mindset’ programme promotes habits of persistence, clarity of thinking and risk taking, and is highly effective in strengthening pupils’ learning skills.”

“Teachers throughout the school are ambitious and enthusiastic; they follow the characteristics of successful teaching that the school has effectively developed and embedded.”

“Pupils demonstrate intellectual rigour and have the confidence and determination to excel in and out of the classroom.”

“Though a highly structured, cohesive approach, pupils are encouraged to think deeply and attain excellent levels of achievement.”

Pastoral care

“Pastoral care and arrangements for welfare, health and safety are excellent, ensuring that pupils are well cared for and safe in school. The pastoral care systems strongly support pupils’ personal development.”

“The school is highly effective in promoting good behaviour. Staff have high expectations and pupils know and respect the school rules.”

“Pupils are well behaved, friendly and polite. They respect others and have a strong sense of social responsibility.”

“The spiritual development of pupils is excellent. Pupils are able to express themselves freely and publicly, and are happy to talk about their feelings and beliefs, often making a valuable contribution to the spiritual understanding of others.”

Co-curricular provision

“The extra-curricular programme is outstanding across the school and contributes strongly to pupils’ personal development.”

“Pupils have strong links with the local community, particularly through the service element of the DofE.”

Resources for study

“The libraries are well used and support study skills, with culturally diverse resources and research facilities.”

Relationship with parents

“The school maintains highly effective links with parents, carers and guardians.”

“Parents have an excellent range of opportunities to be involved in the work and progress of their children.”

Beyond IPS


“The school fulfils its aim to develop resilient young people with the determination and self-confidence to pursue excellence in all that they do.”

“Excellent careers and further and higher education guidance is carefully planned, resourced and monitored.”

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