Entry to Sixth Form

External applicants for Sixth Form entry are asked to sit papers in the subjects that they propose to study at A Level or Pre-U. Where an applicant intends to study a subject not previously taken (e.g. Politics, History of Art, Philosophy, Psychology), question papers provide candidates with an opportunity to show their aptitude for the subject concerned.

Applicants are interviewed by Heads of Faculty and have a personal interview with the Headmistress or Head of Sixth Form. For entry in Autumn 2020, an offer of a place is conditional upon a candidate achieving a minimum of 59 points in nine GCSE/(I)GCSE subjects.

The following scale will be used:

Letter-graded (I)GCSEs

A* = 8 points
A = 7 points
B = 6 points
C = 5 points
D = 4 points

Number-graded (I)GCSEs
9 = 8 points
8 = 8 points
7 = 7 points
6 = 6 points
5 = 5 points
4 = 4 points
3 = 3 points

Practical Music examinations (ABRSM) obtained at Grade 7 (Pass) or above will be considered equivalent to an A grade at IGCSE/GCSE, as will a Pass or better in the PCertLAM (LAMDA). A Level 3 Certificate in Performance taken successfully at Grade 6 counts for seven tariff points while the same qualification taken successfully at Grade 7 counts for eight.

The Admissions Guide for entry in September 2020 offers a general overview of the application process and contains fee information for 2019-2020 on its final page.


If further information is required please contact the Registrar at registrar@ibstockplaceschool.co.uk.

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