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We are academically strong and our pupils perform very impressively in public examinations, as the reports of recent examination successes below attest.

A-level and Pre-U results in 2021

After a Sixth Form experience which has been punctuated by unprecedented challenge, we are delighted to report on the A-level and Pre-U success of our Class of 2021 who now proceed on to some of the world’s finest universities.

Given the extraordinary context, all of our pupils deserve enormous credit. However, special mention should be made of Veronica Boyle, Olivia Daniels, Percy Scott and Louis Titchen, all of whom secured an extraordinary four A*s at A-level. They were closely followed by Edo Campione, Harvey Gill, Dylan Hunter, Chiara Mansour, Isabella Mulholland, Max Palmer, E Pezone, Ria Purdie, Ella Reynolds, Miranda Sim, George Smith and Luke Wootton who secured three, with, in many cases, an additional fourth A-level at grade A. They can be immensely proud of their achievement.

88% of our pupils now proceed onto their preferred university. Five of them take up places at Oxbridge – Ella Reynolds and Edo Campione to read Engineering at Oxford, Dylan Hunter to read Mathematics at Cambridge, Louis Titchen to read Biochemistry at Oxford and Olivia Daniels to read Economics at Cambridge. Beyond this, Ibstonians will also be well represented next year at Imperial College and the Universities of Durham, Edinburgh and, indeed, a wide range of other impressive institutions. Overall, 80% of our applicants proceed to a Russell Group university.

Headmaster Chris Wolsey congratulated our pupils on their attainment, saying, “These exceptional grades are a fine reward for their extraordinary resilience over the course of their Sixth Form studies. Their fortitude, their good cheer and, perhaps most importantly of all, the kindness which they have shown to their wider community during the last two years has marked them out as a very special year group and we shall miss them very much. We are enormously proud of them and know that they will go onto even greater endeavour in the years to come”.

A-level and Pre-U Results 2021

Leavers’ Destinations 2021

Leavers’ Destinations 2013-2021

GCSE and IGCSE in 2021

We congratulate our PVI pupils on their outstanding public examination results, attained in some of the most trying circumstances.

86% of entries were graded at A*-A or 9 – 7

43% of entries were graded at level 9

100% of entries were graded at A*-C or 9 – 4

GCSE and IGCSE Results 2016-2021

A-level and Pre-U results in 2020

This year’s A-level and Pre-U candidates have faced unique challenges with resilience. We are saddened that they did not have an opportunity to see their Sixth Form courses through to completion by sitting their final examinations.

Following the announcement by the Education Secretary Gavin Williamson on Monday 17 August to rescind A-level grades produced by the official examination regulator, Ofqual and instead award centre assessed grades (where higher than the Ofqual grade awarded), 68% of our A-level and Pre-U candidates received A*/A grades and 91% of candidates A*-B.

In terms of the average number of UCAS points per candidate, our pupils of 2020 surpassed the School record set by the candidates of 2019. Over a half of our leavers attained at least three A grades at A-level. Three quarters of our leavers have earned a place at their first-choice university, including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, LSE, Edinburgh, Bristol, Durham and St Andrews. We congratulate our pupils warmly on their achievement.

Our 2020 leavers are an enormous credit to the School. We wish them much success in the future.

A-level and Pre-U Results 2020

Leavers’ Destinations 2020

Leavers’ Destinations 2013-2020

GCSE and IGCSE in 2020

We congratulate our PVI pupils on their public examination results.

83.4% of entries were graded at A*-A or 9 – 7
30.9% of entries were graded at level 9
100% of entries were graded at A*-C or 9 – 4

40 pupils secured nine or more grades at level 9 or 8

GCSE Results 2016-2020

[Updated 24 August 2020]

Record breaking A Level and Pre-U results in 2019

We send our warmest congratulations to our 2019 Sixth Form Leavers. In the light of re-marks following the publication of A-level results in August, we are delighted to announce that our pupils have surpassed the previous record of 2014 to obtain the School’s best ever A-level results. 60.8% of our entries were awarded either an A* or an A – indeed, over 40% of pupils got a least three As – and more than half of our pupils now leave us with two A grades and a B, or better. It should be noted that this achievement comes after the Government’s recent A-level reforms which have brought about more stringent attainment expectations, making it all the more impressive.

Outstanding individuals abound: Dennis Diaz and Juno Worsdell attained 3A* grades. Dennis takes up a place at the London School of Economics to read Financial Mathematics and Statistics and Juno goes to the University of Leeds to read Law.

Maddie Judge, Miru Shin and Cecilia Wilkins Dulanto take up places at the University of Oxford. Maddie will take her 2A*s and 2As to Pembroke College to read Biology; Miru’s 2A*s and 2As secure her place at Lady Margaret Hall to read Engineering; and Cecilia’s 2As and a D3 mean she will be heading to St Peter’s College to read Music. Nicholas Finch, who left IPS in 2018, takes up a place at the University of Cambridge in 2019 to read Natural Sciences.

Zoe Barlow will commence medical training at the University of Liverpool, while Georgina Burchell begins her medical training at the University of Leeds. Inez McCurley, the third of this year’s impressive trio of leavers destined for Medical School, will take up her studies at the University of Manchester.

We saw an increase in the number of pupils opting to attend university abroad this year. Michael Hodgins and Paul Corrigan take up places at McGill University in Montreal, while Oliver Gallen, who is also Canada-bound, will study at the University of Toronto. Lily Douglas-Pennant takes up a place at University College, Amsterdam, and Nicolas Maezelle will commence his studies at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam. Anna Davies, who left IPS in 2018, will begin her student life at the University of California, Los Angeles. We are also delighted that Harriet Raynor will be taking her 2As and a D2 to Central St Martins to read for an Art Foundation course. Other prestigious higher education destinations for our leavers this year include Durham, Edinburgh, Warwick, Bristol and University College, London.

Achievements such as these can only be attained through diligent and sustained application over the full two years of Sixth Form study. We pay tribute to our pupils’ perseverance and ambition and know that, in the years to come, they will bring the same approach to their undergraduate studies. They can leave us with great confidence about their future prospects. We are exceedingly proud of them – as, indeed, we are of our staff, who worked tirelessly to support them.

We start 2019-2020 with great optimism for our incoming Upper Sixth Formers. They are in a strong position to emulate those who were in the year above.

A-level Results 2019
Leavers’ Destinations 2019
Leavers’ Destinations 2013-2019

How do we rank?

Please note that the following graphic was produced immediately after the first publication of A-level results on Thursday 15 August 2019 and it does not include amended figures which have been produced after examination re-marks. Following these re-marks, the amended A* % total is 19 and the amended A*-B % total is 88.

A Level and Pre-U results in previous years

A-level Results 2018

A-level Results 2017

A-level Results 2016

GCSE and IGCSE in 2019

Against the backdrop of national media reports of the increasing difficulty of exams and the roll out of the new numerical grading system as part of the government’s reform of examinations at GCSE level, PVI pupils at IPS have produced an impressive set of results in 2019 and we are delighted to celebrate their achievement.

73.5% of entries were graded at A*-A or 9-7. More than a quarter of entries were awarded at level 9 this year, and 21% of our pupils achieved 8 or 9 in all subjects.

Particular congratulations go to the following pupils, whose hard work secured 9 A* (or level 9-8) grades or better: Euan Brackenridge, Oliver Calcutt, Edoardo Campione, Andrew Cartwright, Olivia Daniels, James Dashper, Benedict Daws, Gabrielle Gallen, Toby Groome, Lucy Hampson, Christopher Heldgaard, Sophia Lees, Camille Maezelle, Anjeli Markouzios, Kate Mitchell, Claudia Murray Cors, Maximilian Palmer, Ria Purdie, Ella Reynolds, Percival Scott, Miranda Sim, George Smith and Louis Titchen.

As our pupils commence their Sixth Form studies we may be confident that they do so on strong foundations. We wish them well.

GCSE Results 2016-2019

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