Examination Results

We are academically strong and our pupils perform very impressively in public examinations. Our pupils’ GCSE and IGCSE results for 2018 were record-breaking: 84% of all GCSE and IGCSE entries were graded at A* or A.

Moreover, every year the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring at the University of Durham analyses the examination results for over a thousand UK secondary schools. In so doing, it seeks to quantify the extent to which each school’s pupils have progressed between their joining the school in Year 7 and their taking GCSE examinations in Year 11. We are proud to report that in the wake of this year’s record-breaking results for GCSE and IGCSE,  CEM’s analysis places IPS in the front rank of British schools. For “value-added” across all of the UK schools which contributed their data, IPS is placed within the top 5%; across the independent sector alone, within the top 7%. This exceptional performance is mirrored at the level of individual subjects too. In Physics, for example, IPS’s pupils placed fourth among independent school while in Mathematics IPS had the rare distinction of being ranked first among the 100 independent schools which reported their data. We take great heart from the external validation of our provision which CEM’s analysis represents.

We were also able to announce a tremendous set of GCE A Level and Pre-U results in 2018. Against a backdrop of national uncertainty relating to the impact of public examination reform, our pupils rose magnificently to the challenge.

A Level and Pre-U in 2018

This year’s A Level results have placed our departing Sixth Form pupils within the front rank of British school leavers and we congratulate them on their achievement. A quarter of the cohort managed to achieve three A grades or better at A Level, and in terms of the overall percentage of entries graded at A* or A, our pupils’ performance surpassed the national figure by almost double. In the Extended Project Qualification, which is now a well-established feature of our Sixth Form curriculum, 84% of our entrants secured an A* or A.

Outstanding individuals abound: Scott Jones and Josh van Grieken attained 4A* grades, with the additional accolade of a Merit and a Distinction in their respective AEA Mathematics papers. Scott takes up a place at Imperial College London to study Computing and Josh joins the same institution to study Civil Engineering. Finn Westcott, who gained 2A* and 2A grades and also an AEA Distinction, takes up a place to study Mechanical Engineering.

Katharine Mason and Ruairidh Williamson each achieved 3A* grades, with Ruairidh also earning an AEA Distinction. Kate now leaves us to study Economics at the University of Warwick and Ruairidh has a place at University College London to read Computer Science.

Medicine has been well represented again this year, with Rebecca Holt and Anna Martin commencing their medical training at Manchester, while Saud Jumaily moves on to study Dentistry at Queen Mary, University of London.

With our leavers now proceeding to an impressive range of world class institutions including, along with those mentioned above, King’s College, London and the universities of Bristol, Durham and Exeter, there is now barely a single Top 50 university in the UK which does not boast of at least one Ibstonian undergraduate. We are delighted that IPS will also be represented overseas this year, including by Avalon Leiman whose 3As take her to the University of Leiden in the Netherlands, and by Noah Timmermans who will study at the University of London Institute in Paris.

Our pupils move on to university full of confidence in their ability to meet the challenge of higher education and we congratulate them all on their achievement and wish them well for their future studies.

A Level Results 2018

GCSE and IGCSE in 2018

With much being made this year of the increasing degree of difficulty following the reforms introduced to this tier of public examinations, the IPS PVI cohort achieved 56% of entries graded A* and 84% of entries graded at either A* or A (9-7) – an outstanding performance by any measure.

The following pupils secured 9A* grades or better: Mia Armstrong, Edie Burgess, Francesca Eichacker, Isobel Farquhar, Tomasso Forni, Isabelle Franco, Amelia Glenister, Molly Holmes, Alex Hook, Timur Ismagilov, Madhuri Mahurkar, Imogen Miller, Owen Searle, Rahul Shah, Thomas Spencer, Micaela Strada, Bob Sutherland, Sophie ten Bosch, Sam Thomas, Francesca Tress Wheatley, Grigorios Voukias and Steven Wells.

We congratulate the Class of 2018 on its achievement. We also congratulate our teachers for the exceptional support and instruction which they have given to their pupils; without them, these results would not have been possible.

GCSE Results 2015-2018

A Level and Pre-U in 2017 and 2016

In 2017, the proportion of entries graded at A* was tantalisingly close to the IPS record of 25.1% while 84.1% of entries were graded at A*-B, making these results our second-best ever. When measured by the average number of UCAS points per pupil, our Leavers of 2017 were the most successful in the history of the School, with the average pupil winning 161.7 points.

IPS is unusual in that the nearly all of our Upper Sixth pupils enter for an Extended Project Qualification and here outcomes were even more spectacular: 73% of these projects were graded at A* or A. Overall, a quarter of our candidates attained three A grades or better in their A Levels and, as a consequence of their success, they moved on to an impressive range of universities including Oxford, Durham, the LSE, KCL, Edinburgh, Warwick and Bristol.

We are intensely proud of the efforts of our Upper Sixth and look forward to hearing of their ongoing success at university and beyond.

A Level Results 2017

A Level Results 2016

A Level Results’ Summary 2014-2017

GCSE and IGCSE in 2017

After the splendid success of our A Level candidates, we were thrilled to report that those pupils who took IGCSE examinations in the summer of 2017 gathered an outstanding collection of grades. Just as our A Level candidates broke the School record for the proportion of GCE papers graded at A*, so too did our GCSE candidates as 54% of all entries were awarded the highest grade. 82% of examinations were given either an A* or an A and no fewer than 14 pupils achieved nine A* grades or more.

We were delighted that our pupils’ endeavours were so handsomely rewarded and as we welcomed them into our Sixth Form they had good reason to feel enormously confident as they contemplated the next phase of their education.

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