Pastoral Care

Welcome from the Senior Tutor

Every pupil joining IPS will have a unique journey through the School. We place great importance in developing each pupil’s individuality and in promoting a culture of respect, tolerance and courtesy within which important life skills are fostered.

The House system is at the very heart of the School and pupils derive great enjoyment and a sense of identity through their involvement in their House. There are four Houses, each with their own distinctive identity. Pupils quickly develop a sense of pride in and loyalty to their House which manifests itself in healthy rivalry as they vie for the title of House Champions.

Within each House, there are five vertical Tutor groups for pupils in Senior 7 to 10, each with two Tutors. Each pupil will have one Tutor focused on pastoral progress, and another to monitor academic headway.  The pupils in Senior 7 to 10 remain in the same House Group for four years, so strong relationships are built between the Housemaster, House Tutors, pupils and their families.

It is the joined-up thinking and communication between key pastoral staff that enables pupils at IPS to feel so assured both in and out of School. We strive to provide a safety-net for our pupils, whilst at the same time encouraging them to tackle the challenges of adolescence head-on. Pupils are encouraged to share concerns and the School is proactive in addressing issues through assemblies, talks, workshops, tutorials and informal discussions.

A series of talks held for parents throughout the School year aim to tackle some of the more pressing issues faced by our pupils. Topics include: E-Safety, Mental Health and Drugs Awareness. School also communicates with parents on a variety of pastoral issues through the Senior Tutor’s Blog found on Firefly.

In preparation for public examinations, Pupils in Pre-Sixth (PVI) are tutored in small groups and therefore build a strong relationship with their House Tutor. Whilst the House Tutor oversees the social, personal and academic progress of the pupils, he or she is particularly instrumental in assisting the pupils to make sensible and appropriate subject choices for their Sixth Form studies.

It is the future that we have in mind when it comes to providing pastoral support to all our pupils. Our focused approach on the individual develops the resilience to enable our pupils to cope with set-backs, gain perspective and have the confidence to try again.

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