Preparation for the Future

In terms of life after IPS, all of our pupils benefit from an extensive Careers and Higher Education programme. The overwhelming majority of our Sixth Formers progress to university (see UVI Destinations) and, as such, a great deal of time is devoted to preparing them for the challenge of HE admission both within the Sixth Form and earlier on.

Certainly, the Sixth Form Tutor Team possesses a wealth of experience in the field of HE applications and from our pupils’ first tentative steps, as they begin to narrow down the broad academic field for which they wish to apply, through to the ultimate completion of their UCAS form, much help and support is at hand. Taught sessions explore the complexities of the British university scene and its application procedures, whilst one-to-one interviews between pupils and staff devote themselves to issues like the development of the all-important Personal Statement. There is also intensive and expert advice available to those pupils who are considering an application to American institutions.

For those pupils considering applications to competitive courses like Law, Medicine and Veterinary Science or to the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, we run a special Early Applications programme. Participants have an opportunity to visit specialist conferences and to hear from university admissions tutors, as well as being given specialist advice on important matters like the choice of college and the organisation of relevant work experience.

All of our pupils are actively encouraged to enrich their Higher Education application through their participation in essay competitions and taster courses while, of course, we maintain strong links with our past pupils who can offer their successors up-to-date knowledge of life across the UK’s many campuses (see The “Stocks”). With over 65% of pupils typically attaining offers from Russell Group institutions, we have an extensive pool of experience on which to draw, and popular IPS Leavers’ destinations include the likes of Oxford and Cambridge, Birmingham, Bristol, Durham, Exeter, Imperial College London, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, LSE, Queen Mary, London, Nottingham, Sussex, UCL and Warwick.

Recognising that increasing numbers of pupils are looking beyond the UK for Higher Education, the School also provides excellent support for those wishing to apply to universities in the United States, mainland Europe and Australasia.

Careers Fair

Supporting pupils in the Early Applications programme

Lord Patten of Barnes – a contributor to the Sixth Form Speaker programme

Careers education

Careers education is another important aspect of preparing our pupils for life beyond IPS. Building on the considerable work which is undertaken in this field by pupils before they reach the Sixth Form, every Autumn Term the School hosts a major Careers Fair with speakers from a wide range of professions and fields, while the Sixth Form Speaker Programme provides our pupils with even more opportunities to learn about their different employment options. In LVI, all of our pupils complete a sophisticated online questionnaire which matches their interests and aptitudes to particular careers and the Library possesses considerable holdings of relevant material. All of our tutors pay special attention to their tutees’ thinking on these matters and where necessary, we assist in the organisation of relevant work experience. We are fortunate to boast of a parent body drawn from an extraordinarily rich and diverse spread of occupational fields and many of our parents are enormously solicitous in giving our pupils an insider’s view of their profession.

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