The School Day

The School day begins at 8.15am with Registration. Pupils arrive by varied routes with many fortunate in being able to walk or cycle through Richmond Park en route to School each day. The School has a central, covered bicycle park in which bicycles may be left securely.

The School is well-served by public transport. Many buses come directly from Richmond, Sheen, Hammersmith, Fulham, Putney, Southfields, Clapham and Kingston to stop on Roehampton Lane, allowing a pleasant stroll through the University of Roehampton grounds to reach the School campus.

Many Senior School pupils arrive by train at Barnes Station. For these pupils, we offer a pro bono minibus shuttle each morning from 7.30am to the School campus, returning to the station after lessons, Study Hall, clubs and activities at the end of the day.

Before the formal School day begins, Senior School pupils may enjoy breakfast in the Refectory; Sixth Form pupils have their own Common Room comforts. For Senior School pupils, Registration with their House Tutors, or Assembly with their House or the whole Senior School, marks the start of the formal day. Each day, the Bulletin is shared and discussed (and parents can view the School Bulletin notices via the Firefly Parent Portal.) Lessons begin promptly after Registration, or Assembly (held on Tuesdays and Thursdays).

There is a Morning Break of 20 minutes each day during which time tuck is sold in the Refectory. The break at lunchtime is one hour, during which time many co-curricular clubs run, House groups meet to prepare for competitions and lunch is served. There is a variety of spaces available to the pupils during their breaks, some restful and peaceful, some allowing active play or sport.

Each pupil in Senior 7 to PVI has his or her own full-height locker. This has room for the School kit-bag, all books and equipment, coats and School bags; it is the hub of a pupil’s life. Pupils visit their lockers before School, at Morning Break and at lunchtime, then again at the end of the day. The pupils only need to take home that which is required for prep (or for laundering); everything else can be left in the locker.

‘After Four’ Activities

Afternoon lessons finish at 3.50pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and at 3.55pm on Tuesday and Thursday. Tea is offered each afternoon in the Refectory following which many pupils stay in School for sports training, dance classes and a whole range of other co-curricular clubs, or for Study Hall. Here pupils are able to stay in School within a staff-supervised environment to work on prep assignments or other School work. Study Hall operates from 4.15pm to 6.00pm. The pro bono minibus shuttle is available to return pupils to Barnes Station at 4.15pm, 5.15pm and again at 6.00pm, as required.

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