The “Stocks”

Those who have attended or taught at Ibstock Place School are invited to join a strong and mutually supportive Old Ibstonians Association which is informally known as The “Stocks”.

The School’s present success and excellent standing in the community owes much to the talent, hard work and success of its former pupils and staff. With their continued support, today’s pupils will be well equipped for all that their futures may hold.

We now have a separate dedicated website for our alumni and through this and other social media networking services such as Twitter and Facebook, we hope to continue contact with Stocks and share events and news of interest to all. Please follow the link below to connect with the Stocks’ community:

Stocks Connect

Events include:

  • reunions of The Stocks as a whole, and of specific graduating year groups;
  • tours of School;
  • Sports Days, including The Stocks vs. Current pupil fixtures.

Stocks are also invited to support the School and its pupils through creating opportunities such as:

  • visits to discuss Higher Education and career choices;
  • practice interviews for Oxbridge/Medicine/Veterinary Science candidates;
  • work experience placements and internships at home and abroad;
  • offering professional mentoring for the benefit of other Stocks.

If you should like to know more, participate in any of the events planned, or help to plan future events, email Please also check out the Facebook page for photographs and notification of events and to reconnect with old friends.

Stocks return

We are always delighted to welcome Stocks back in School. Please keep coming!

Alec Raines (OI, 2016)

IPS was especially pleased to welcome back former pupil and Head Boy Alec Raines (OI, 2016) to talk to our aspiring medics in S10 – UVI.  Alec is currently in his second year studying medicine at Imperial College, London, and told us it was the “hardest, but most fun, thing he has ever done”.

Alec expertly guided his audience through the stages of making an application to study medicine, including arranging work experience, preparing for the extra examinations and describing the level of additional reading expected of applicants.  He also discussed the requirements of the formal interview at length, advising pupils on the types of question to expect. Alec’s talk was interesting and humorous, but also packed with information and strategies for a successful application. We are extremely grateful for the time Alec generously gave up for us.

Keir Murison (OI, 2014)

It was a pleasure to welcome Keir Murison (OI, 2014) back to School to give a talk on DNA. Keir left IPS with four A* grades at A level and was accepted to study Natural Sciences at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. Since then, he has gone from strength to strength and his research work for the final year of his degree is currently taking him further into the fascinating area of DNA. It was on this topic that he kindly agreed to speak.

The title of Keir’s talk, which was attended by an enthusiastic audience of senior pupils and teachers, was ‘Delving into the delightful world of DNA – What new studies might mean for how we age and why we die.’ Pacing his introduction sensitively in order to accommodate some of the less biochemically aware members of his audience, Keir explained the base pair structure of deoxyribonucleic acid, the carrier of genetic information from one generation to the next. He outlined the transcription of DNA to RNA which, in turn, allows proteins to be made for different uses in the body, with the sequences of protein determining the function of each. He introduced the idea that humans have many different ways of controlling how a gene is expressed – a level of complexity not matched by many other species, even though humans have a high degree of overlap of genetic material with other species.

For several of our prospective Oxbridge applicants, Keir spent some invaluable time at the end of his talk revealing something of Cambridge life and the organisation of teaching across the years of undergraduate study and what they should expect from a science course and the university in general.

Keir revealed at the start of his talk that he had just had a research paper published in the Royal Society of Biochemistry’s principal journal. We feel certain that he is embarking on a distinguished academic career and we wish him every success for his future. We are enormously proud of his achievements and most grateful to him for sharing his expertise with us back at IPS.

Alex Chegne (OI, 2014)

Alex left our Sixth Form in 2014 to take up a place to read Business Administration at King’s College, London. Since then, his life has taken several unexpected turns. Discovering a passion for cooking, he began a series of pop up restaurants through London before becoming interested in radical thinking about the shape of the economy and the future direction of society. He recently returned to the Sixth Form Speaker Programme, organised by Mr Wolsey, to set out his ideas. He spoke about sustainable living, the potential for technological progress and the virtues, as he sees them, of a “resource-based economy” characterised by super-abundance. It was an interesting lecture and although the audience’s questions suggested that not everyone was convinced by his prescriptions, they was no doubt that he had stimulated much thought and we were heartened by the opportunity to wrestle with some very fundamental issues. We are grateful to Alex for making the time to visit us before he returns to his self-sufficient community in Andalucía.

Vaibhav Krishnakumar (OI, 2014)

It was a pleasure to welcome back Vaibhav Krishnakumar (OI 2014) to present a Mathematics lecture to pupils, parents and staff. Vaibhav left Sixth Form with 3 A* and 1 A grade to read Joint Honours Mathematics and Computing at Imperial College where he is currently in his fourth year.

Vaibhav’s lecture on “Optimising your weekly shop” introduced pupils and parents to the concept of queue theory. It was a seamless presentation without notes that was extremely well pitched and engaging.

We thank Vaibhav for his time in presenting the lecture and wish him every success as he embarks on a position at Morgan Stanley at the end of his degree programme.