History of the School

Ibstock Place School has an incredibly rich history dating back to the late 1800s.

Founded on the educational principles of Fredrich Froebel, which were considered radical for his day, emphasis on the learning experiences of young children and engendering free thinking are still central to our School ethos today.

For a much more in-depth exploration of the School’s history including photos, videos and previous heads, visit our official online archive.


Innovating Education

During the late 19th century, Friedrich Froebel's innovative educational principles, which focused on the learning experiences of young children, were seen as radical.

Mrs Julia Salis Schwabe was impressed by these principles and established a teacher training college and a demonstration school in England based on Froebel's teachings.

The Froebel Society, led by Claude Montefiore, supported the college and school.

Relocation to Roehampton

In 1922, the college relocated to Roehampton, and its headquarters were established at Templeton.

During World War II, the school was evacuated to Hertfordshire and became a boarding school. After the war, the school purchased Ibstock Place and was renamed Ibstock Place, the Froebel School.

With the establishment of the University of London Institute, IFEI became one of its constituent colleges.

The Present Day

The school's age range was extended in 1976, and boarding ceased.

The school experienced growth in pupil numbers, leading to investments in its buildings and the establishment of a sixth form in 2005.

Currently, Ibstock Place School is independent of the Froebel Trust and has charitable status, with the governing body overseeing its management.


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