Fees, Bursaries and Scholarships

Current School fees are available on request from the Registrar. The Admissions Guide for entry in September 2019 is presently in production and will be published shortly. Fee information for 2018-2019 will be available on its final page. In the meantime, prospective parents may wish to consult the Admissions Guide for entry in September 2018 for current fee information, as well as to gain a general overview of the application process.

Parents may register their child with the School after receiving details from the Registrar or visiting the School. One Registration Form and one Examination Entry Form for the Senior School (supplied on receipt of a completed Registration Form) should be completed and returned for each child by the published closing date. There is a non-refundable registration fee of £150 for each child.

Registration Form

There is an additional fee of £50 for overseas applicants wishing to apply as postal candidates for entry to the Senior School.

Bursary Applications

Applications for bursaries are welcomed from parents of prospective pupils entering the Senior School at the ages of 11 (Senior 7 year) or 16 (Lower Sixth year).

On completion and submission of the Registration and Examination Entry forms, parents may also request, in writing, an application form for a bursary and the Registrar will send them a confidential Means Questionnaire to complete.

Candidates must meet the academic criteria for selection into the Senior School before being considered for a bursary. Bursaries are means tested and are granted to a limited number of parents who demonstrate financial need in order to send their children to the School. All candidates then go through exactly the same admission procedure. The offer of a bursary is not made until after the examination process has been completed. Bursaries may range from 10% to 90% fee remission and are reviewed annually.


As the School receives a substantial number of bursary applications each year, it is difficult to be precise on the criteria for success. However, generally, bursaries are awarded to families where both parents work but who are struggling financially and have a child who demonstrates that he/she would benefit academically from what the School has to offer. In some cases there is an element of misfortune where a parent has become incapacitated or a spouse has died. Some bursaries are offered to single parents, or where there is a case of unforeseen hardship. It is difficult to predict how many applications will be received and whether they will be strong cases. The School has to be mindful also that some existing parents, who do not receive bursaries, may also be struggling financially and therefore it would be inequitable to grant bursaries for new candidates who do not have a particular need which sets them apart.


Scholarships are available in Drama, Music and Sport at 13+ for internal candidates currently in the Senior 8 year, along with any external candidate who has accepted the offer of a place for Senior 9 entry, and is able to demonstrate outstanding ability in one of these fields. Scholarship auditions and assessments take place in the Spring Term. Applicants may apply for more than one scholarship. Please note that there are no scholarships available at 11+ (Senior 7). Prospective scholarship applicants may contact the Registrar for further information.

The Richard Hastie-Smith Music Awards

The Richard Hastie-Smith Music Awards are open to candidates applying for 11+ (Senior 7) entry who are able to demonstrate outstanding musical potential. Candidates who meet the academic criteria for entry to the Senior School may be considered for an award. The award, which runs for two years, entitles the recipient to paid individual tuition at School on a nominated instrument and significant support from the Music Department. Music Award holders are encouraged to apply for a Music Scholarship at 13+ (although School is not able to guarantee that a Scholarship will be granted). Music Award assessments are held in mid-January.

Music Scholarships

Music Scholarships are available at 13+ for internal candidates who are in their Senior 8 year and soon to join Senior 9, along with any external candidate who has accepted the offer of a place for Senior 9 entry following a successful 13+ admissions application. Candidates must be able to demonstrate outstanding musical ability. The Scholarships run for three years, subject to satisfactory performance, and range in value. Scholarship auditions and assessments take place in the Spring Term.

The School’s purpose in offering Music Scholarships is to encourage musical pupils to develop and fulfil their potential through a bespoke programme that is both ambitious and rewarding. Award holders are expected to make a full contribution to the School’s musical activities. They will, in turn, be afforded the opportunity to work with leading conductors and musicians, including the School’s Ensemble in Residence the Berkeley Ensemble. The Head of Music is pleased to advise potential candidates through a pre-audition assessment.

For the Music Scholarship, candidates may offer any instrument (including voice). Each candidate will be asked to play at least one piece on their first instrument. If a second piece is offered, it should contrast suitably with the first choice.

Candidates should also offer a second study, but exceptionally talented pupils on a single study will be considered. Any further evidence to support an application, such as improvisation, composition, or technology is welcomed.

Please note that there are no Music Scholarships available at 11+ (Senior 7).


A Scholarship or Music Award may only be awarded to a candidate who reaches the qualifying academic standard in the appropriate entrance examination.

Further details and Application Forms may be obtained from the Registrar or Head of Music.

Sixth Form Scholarships

The Sixth Form Scholarships reward ability, application and ambition. Up to ten Scholarships are awarded every year for academic excellence, exceptional ability in the Creative Arts or for outstanding talent in some other field, such as Sport. Applicants may apply for more than one Scholarship. The Scholarships range in value and are held throughout a pupil’s Sixth Form career at Ibstock Place School, subject to satisfactory performance. In addition to Scholarships, the Headmistress may, at her discretion, award a number of Exhibitions to promising candidates. The parents of prospective pupils who are interested in the Sixth Form Scholarships should apply to the Registrar for further information.

All Scholars and Exhibitioners are expected to play a full role in the life of the School and to support the relevant Head of Department at School events and on Open Days. Scholarships may be withdrawn at any time if the holder fails to meet the School’s expectations.

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