Registration Form

Online Registration

Registration for admission to the Pre-Prep, the Prep and the Senior School is now made through completion and submission of an online Registration Form.

Please note that the form is likely to take 5-10 minutes to complete. Since the form may not be saved during completion to revisit later, we ask you to bear this in mind when starting to fill it in. Information you will be required to supply includes:

  • Parent/Carer 1 Details
  • Parent/Carer 2 Details [optional]
  • Applicant Details (including intended Academic Year of Entry, Proposed Year Group on Entry, information about any Learning Support currently received*)
  • Registration fee Payer Details

* If you are uncertain about any of these details, please speak to the Registrar prior to completing the form and she will be able to give further advice.

Registration fee

There is a non-refundable Registration fee of £160 which we ask to be paid when submitting the online Registration Form.

Registration declaration

By completing the online Registration Form, I understand that the applicant data I submit shall be held in accordance with Ibstock Place School’s Privacy Notice and that I have the right to request the removal of data submitted at any time.

Information on Acceptance

A formal offer of a place will be made if a child is successful at assessment. The offer of a place will be deemed to have lapsed if it is not formally accepted by the deadline date and time. Successful candidates will receive an Acceptance Form which must be completed and returned together with an Acceptance Deposit of £1,750. This will be retained in the general funds of the School until the pupil leaves. It will then be repaid, after all sums due to the School have been settled. The deposit is not refundable should the place subsequently be declined, if more than 14 days have elapsed after the acceptance deadline.

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