Sixth Form Trip to Barcelona

Sixth Form Trip to Barcelona

Sixth Form pupils travelled to Barcelona to learn about the city's rich art history and practice their Spanish skills.

Pupils explored the architecture of the Gothic Quarter, visited the Picasso Museum and MOCO Museum, and even participated in a Flamenco dance performance. They also visited Barcelona's Olympic Stadium and took in the wonderful sights of La Sagrada Familia.

Over three days, they sampled local delicacies including Jamon Iberico (eating it at least once a day) accompanied by  ‘pan con tomate’ , a Catalonian favourite, and cinnamon and sugar coated churros.

The group shared many memorable experiences from an impromptu visit to the beach to watch the sunset to a cosy meal in an underground restaurant on their last night in Barcelona.

Sixth Form pupil, Yeva, said of the trip:

'Many of our childhood dreams were fulfilled as we walked through the pitch of Barcelona's stadium. Standing in the same dugout as many star athletes in the Olympic Stadium proved to me one of the greatest joys of learning a language. Not only are we academically challenged, but we also are given so many opportunities to see so many exciting sites and experience them differently to just tourists. We have a special understanding of the culture and the language which leads us to opening so many doors be it through gastronomy, art or in this case sports. '

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